Our Bio

Donors Haven is a certified medical donations platform for Blood, Kidney, Liver, Sperm, Eggs and Surrogates. It connects both the receiver and the donor together. Donors Haven is powered by The Meds and Surgeries.

Donation Process

Complete the Health Check Form, located on the menu bar. If you are a donor, proceed to register on the platform for free. If you are a receiver, pay a registration fee of $65 USD.

Payment Information

Please Note: All payments would be confirmed within 24  – 72 hours of receipt.
  1. Blood Donation; $120 USD per Pint of Blood.
  2. Sperm; $250 USD per donation,
  3. Eggs $1500 Per Stimulation, whether the lady produces One or more Eggs during the process, it’s a flat rate Per Stimulation.
  4. Surrogates: $15,000 USD without Care and Accommodation, and $20,000 USD with care and Accommodation depends on location, please note, this excludes Antenatal fee or treating a sick Pregnant woman when she falls ill.
  5. Kidney; $?(Please Contact us on +1(917) 809-8886 or info@donorshaven.com )
  6. Liver; $? (Please Contact us on +1 (917) 809-8886 or info@donorshaven.com)
 Please note:  Prices are inclusive of Government Regulatory Charges and E-payment processing.

Logistic Support

www.wakadugbe.com is powered by Zero-Five Travels and Tours (IATA/NANTA Approved) This company takes care of Logistics from Donors to Receivers, depends on the arrangements.


www.1africaproperties.com is powered by Da-Seventh Investment, a (Certified Real Estate Company) they would arrange accommodations.

Currency Exchange Services

Should incase the client (Receiver or Donor)  needs to change their money to USD or any other Foreign Currency, www.247fxrate.com is here to help out. The platform would handle everything for you.

General Note

If Intending Donors have any of these diseases below;
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Syphilis
  • Leukemia,
  • Hepatitis A, B, C
  • Other STDs
kindly leave as you are not qualified to be a Donor on this platform